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Additional Services

Aeration estimate
Outdoor pest control estimate
Grassy weed treatment estimate (to treat grassy weeds like nutsedge)
Flea and tick control estimate
Fungicide treatment estimate (to treat funguses like dollar spot and brown spot)
Aeration & overseeding estimate (fescue lawns only)
Vegetation control estimate
Fireant control estimate
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Want to do our job?
Here’s how.

Take about an hour to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy the following products:

  • A 42-lb. bag of a brand name fertilizer $45.00
  • A 42-lb. bag of weed control $45.00
  • A 42-lb. bag of a product to prevent crabgrass $50.00
  • weed spray to spot treat broadleaf weeds like clover or dandelions $17.00

Total Product Cost: $157.00

You’re going to need a spreader and a hand or backpack sprayer, which can cost up to $150. Plan on at least 2 hours to put everything down. Then repeat the cost and time every 8 weeks year round.


Spend an average of $58 every 8 weeks and take 2 minutes to pay your bill online.

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