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Certified Landscape Specialists

Arbor-Nomics’® Technicians Are Held To A Higher Standard

Arbor-Nomics Technicians Are Certified Landscape Specialists (CLSs)

  • Every tech is required to have a State Pesticide Certification, while other companies may have only one or two certified techs. That means all of our CLSs know how to handle pesticides safely and how to apply them correctly.
  • Our CLSs receive ongoing education and training about turf, ornamental trees and shrubs, so they can answer all your questions knowledgeably.
  • Initial training for Arbor-Nomics CLSs lasts 4-6 weeks, while other companies normally train their technicians for just a few days.
Arbor-Nomics CLSs with Truck

Arbor-Nomics CLSs Get To Know You And Your Landscape

  • In general, the same CLS team cares for your property visit after visit.
  • They constantly monitor the health and needs of your yard.
  • They will leave you notes, make recommendations, answer questions and offer mowing and maintenance tips.

Arbor-Nomics CLSs Are Dedicated Professionals

  • Our CLSs have been with Arbor-Nomics for an average of 6 years.
  • They are committed to consistency and personal service.
  • Our customers give our CLSs an "A".

Meet Some of Our CLSs

Certified Lawn Care SpecialistDid you know that each and every one of Arbor-Nomics' CLSs is a certified pesticide applicator? And they get on-going education and training about turf, ornamental trees, shrubs and safety. "What's the big deal?" you're thinking. Well, since most lawn care companies have one or two certified technicians in their whole company, it is a big deal.

Most of the time, when lawn care companies have a new hire, the "new guy" gets trained for a few weeks, then goes on the truck and is left to fend for himself. Arbor-Nomics takes a different approach. We require all of our CLSs to get their state certification to become a licensed pesticide applicator. We give them all the study materials, pay them to take the test, and give them a bonus when they pass. In the end, our CLSs know how to handle pesticides safely, in which situations to use them, and how to apply them correctly.

They also have to take continuing education classes to hold that license and periodically have to go back for recertification. Because our CLSs are well educated about what they're doing, they do it right.

So next time you have a question about your lawn, ornamental trees or shrubs, ask your CLS because he'll probably know the answer.

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